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Combined Sewer Outflows (CSO)

The City of Morgantown is served by a combined sewer system operated by the Morgantown Utility Board. The system is designed to overflow during wet weather and discharge excess flows directly to nearby streams, rivers, or other water bodies.

The overflow points, called Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) contain stormwater and may also contained untreated human and animal waste, toxic materials and debris. Deckers Creek has 20 CSOs located along its banks. These are major water pollution concerns for MUB.

During dry weather the CSOs have no impact on Deckers Creek. During and following significant wet weather events, CSOs deliver elevated levels of bacteria into the stream. This means that Deckers Creek is not safe for human contact during and 72 hours after wet weather events.

MUB has completed comprehensive studies of the effects of CSOs upon Deckers Creek. MUB water chemistry and aquatic life survey data have shown no negative impact on fish or other aquatic life resulting from these wet weather discharges.

Currently, MUB is engaged in a comprehensive plan to control and hopefully reduce CSO discharges. When the plan is approved by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection it will be made available on this site.

A primary way the public can assist in controlling CSOs is via implementation of rainwater management. Please see the EPA's webpage located here for more information.