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You may be prompted by the Morgantown Utility Board to read your water meter.   This request may be in the form of a blue door hanger stating WE NEED YOUR READING. Such a request is most often necessary because we have had difficulty accessing your meter. Morgantown Utility Board meter reading staff are not permitted to enter the living areas of a person’s home. This includes basements that have access to living areas. Meters that are located in these areas must be read and reported by the resident. This policy was implemented some years ago to protect both our workers and the privacy of residents.

It is important to receive regular meter readings; otherwise, possible leaks in your plumbing system may go undetected.   An actual reading will bring to your attention whether or not any plumbing leaks may be causing your bills to be higher than usual.

Step 1: How to Locate Your Water Meter

Most water meters are located at the front of the property, along the curb or property line. In some instances, the water meter may be located inside the home. In that case, locate where your main water line enters through the foundation or wall. The water meter should be very close to this location.

Step 2: How to Read Your Water Meter

Residential 5/8-inch Meter:

All customers served by the Morgantown Utility Board have their water use measured by a meter. Each customer pays his or her share of operating the system based upon the amount of water used. Most Morgantown Utility Board meters measure water in 1000 gallons. Charges for the amount of water consumed are based on the number of thousand gallons you use during a billing period.

There are two basic types of water meters -- the straight-reading meter, which resembles an odometer found in automobiles, and the round-reading meter, which has several separate dials.

Odometer Type Meter:Straight Reading Meter

  1. Read left to right 5 digits - 4 white - 1 black.

  2. If your dial has only 3 white digits Read left to right 3 white digits - 1 black.

This type of meter has only one dial. The dial has a sweep hand which measures water usage in gallons. On the example meter to the right, the meter reads 0369.200.  Since the odometer registers in thousands of gallons, you do not record the last two numbers. We round off the reading, which your water bill would show a reading of 0369.  Subtract the previous reading from the new reading, and you will know how many thousands of gallons of water you have used.

Round-Reading Meter​:Round Meter
The meter at the right has several small dials and is a little more difficult to read than the straight-reading meter. The dials are marked in divisions of 10, and are read much like a clock, except that the hand on every other dial turns counterclockwise. To read this meter, begin with the 1,000,000 dial and read each dial around the meter to the 100 dial. The 10 dial is not read. The best method of reading is from low to high. When a hand is between two figures, the lesser of the two must always be taken, any doubt as to the correct reading of any figure, refer to the next lower figure. You are billed in thousands, so we round off the reading on this type of meter and use three dials only. Therefore, the dials at right register 793.04 which we use 793. The next time the meter is read, the meter indicates that the total amount of water used is 796.04, which we use 796.  By subtracting 793 from 796, we'd find that the bill would reflect 3,000 gallons of water was used.

To check for leaks, make sure water is not in use and go look at your meter.

  1. Leak indicator - If the needle moves, that means water is moving through your meter to your property. If no water is being used, you have a leak.

  2. Slow leak indicator - If this is spinning, that means water is going through the meter to your property. If no water is being used, you have a leak.

  3. Gallons - Billing consumption is measured in thousands of gallons (the digits with the white background).

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