Morgantown Utility Board Events

Here is a list of events that Morgantown Utility Board plans to participate in - or has participated in. If your organization would like to learn about, and be involved in, protecting our water resources, please email Chris Dale at or call 304.292.8443.

Here is a list of our 2018 events. This list will change as we continue to add to our outreach program.

  • March 8: Rain Barrel Workshop - This is our first rain barrel workshop. In collaboration with Friends of Deckers Creek, we'll talk stormwater, how rain barrels fit into protecting our stormwater and then we'll discuss how to assemble our rain barrels which participants take home with them!
  • March 12: Rain Barrel Workshop #2
  • NOTE: Additional rain barrel workshops may be announced as barrels become available! 
  • July 21: Kids' Day - Join us downtown Morgantown as thousands of local children take to the streets for games, treats and prizes. We'll be there with plenty of handouts and we'll be joining forces with Friends of Deckers Creek to give away a rain barrel! You can obtain additional information on the event here.
  • August 11: Annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day - This is a great opportunity for county residents to drop-off hazardous waste at no cost. Additional information is available at
  • Dog Splash Day TBA: A great day at Marrila Pool!
  • October: Malloween