Jun 09 2017

Contacting MUB

MUB recently received a letter from an unknown person registering a complaint about work being done in First Ward. Because the complainant remains anonymous, I will address the matter here.
However, while I provide the complaint along with a response below, please note that anyone having an issue with any MUB related activity, system or product should contact us directly and in a temporally expedient fashion. This will permit us to promptly address the issue.

The complaint reads as follows:

Last week you started work on Hite Street. Area residents were given no forewarning that the neighborhood was going to be filled with noise, dust, and lack of access to parking spaces and driveways.
We thought there was a stalker in the neighborhood and debated calling the police to check him out until we realized one of your "workers" was sitting in his truck all day long. We never saw him leave the truck and he sat running the engine for hours (air conditioning, we guess). We really do not appreciate having to breathe the fumes from him running his engine for hours on end. Mostly we can't believe he is getting paid to sit in a truck all day doing nothing. Surely money can be better spent than on stalker impersonators.
We realize work needs to be done periodically, but Hite was torn up just two years ago replacing pipes. Why would it need to be repaired so soon? Hite was newly paved last summer and now you are ripping it all apart. Can't you coordinate with the city so money is not wasted in this manner?
Communication and coordination seem to be areas you could improve in.

Foremost, the work in question is not MUB related. The work is being completed by a contractor for the gas company. I believe writing (white paint) remains visible on the pavement where the contractor marked the area for utility locates.

It should also be noted that we closely coordinate with the City of Morgantown, especially in relation to their paving project. This can be seen in the Dorsey Avenue paving completed within the past year and more recently (starting Monday, June 12th) on Rawley Avenue in the Evansdale area. We similarly coordinate communications with City of Morgantown Public Communications Manager Krista Baker.

Finally, it must be added that we make every effort to communicate with local residents and businesses when significant projects are planned or outages occur. This includes everything from placing door hangers on local residences and businesses, posting information on mub.org and social media sites (including neighborhood sites), use of traditional media, and other means.

Again, please do not hesitate to contact MUB 24/7 at (304) 292-8443 for emergencies or for non-emergencies via email at mubmail@mub.org, on Twitter or Facebook, or via our contact form at mub.org/contact. You may also contact me directly (for non-emergencies) at cdale@mub.org or (304) 225-3658.

We value your input and ask that when contacting us you provide information so a member of the MUB team can respond directly to you.

Thank you for helping improve our community and for all you do to protect our water resources.
Chris Dale
Director of Communications
Morgantown Utility Board