Oct 20 2017

Morgantown Tree Board announces Arbor Day tree planting

In celebration of Arbor Day, this Saturday, October 21st, Morgantown Tree Board will plant a number of trees throughout the area. The group will meet at the Farmers Market on Spruce St at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, read a proclamation at 9 a.m. then divide into groups and head to the planting sites.

Anyone wishing to help can simply show up at the Farmer’s Market or email David Barnett at atwoodwv@gmail.com for more information.

Arbor Day planting sites and tree types are as follows…

  • First Ward – Hite Street Ballfield – 1 Kousa to replace one that died
  • Jack Roberts Park Association – 1 Butterflies Magnolia at Memorial Wall
  • South Park Association of Neighbors- Morgantown Avenue 2 Trees (types TBD)
  • Greenmont Neighborhood Association – Arch Street Island, Green- Reay – 2 Red Maple Burgundy Belle
  • Woodburn Association of Neighbors - Woodburn Sign, Rogers Beauty Spot –1 Maple ‘Autumn Blaze’, 1 Dogwood ‘Stellar Pink’
  • Wiles Hill/ Highland Park – Community Center 1 Ginkgo ‘Autumn Gold’ playground Center St. side, 1 larger tree TBD, lawn area Morgan St.
  • Norwood Fire Station - 2 Maple ‘ Sun Valley’
  • South Hills Neighborhood Association - Marilla Park – 2 Willow Oak, upper pavilion, 3 Locust, ‘Streetkeeper’ parking lot Ball Field A
  • Suncrest Neighborhood Association – Laurel and Elmhurst triangle, 2 White Oak Laurel side. Krepps Park Dog Park Trail, Fairlawn and Parkview, 3 Tri Color Beech.

In addition, Morgantown Tree Board will also plant trees after Arbor Day. A list of these sites and dates are provided below…

  • Jerome Park - Paul Preserve – 2 large trees to be determined and planted late October/early November
  • Evansdale Neighborhood Association – Tuesday October 24
  • 905, 907 Dudley - 2 larger trees to be determined late October/early November
  • 912 Hawthorne – Black Gum
  • 909 Fairfax – Black Gum
  • 927 Fairfax – Black Gum
  • Sabraton Welcome Sign – 5 Kousa ‘Milky Way’ and 3 Ginkgo ‘Autumn Gold’