Jul 20 2017

Morgantown Utility Board announces opening on its board of directors

Given the retirement and resignation of Frank Scafella from the Board of Directors of Morgantown Utility Board, a leadership opportunity exists on MUB’s five member governance board. Anyone interested in applying for the vacancy should visit the Volunteers Opportunity page of the City of Morgantown’s website at morgantownwv.gov.

At the above website, applicants can find information on MUB (Part One, Chapter Seven, Article 169 of the Codified Ordinances of Morgantown), the roles and responsibilities of its Board of Directors (Article 169.01) as well as both online and hardcopy applications for appointment to the board.

Because MUB is a publicly owned utility, applications are received by City Council who likewise conducts all interviews and selects and appoints members to MUB’s Board of Directors. Questions related to the matter should be forwarded to City Clerk Linda Tucker at (304) 284-7434 or ltucker@morgantownwv.gov.

MUB thanks and recognizes Frank Scafella for his eight years of service on MUB’s Board of Directors as well as his other work within our community. Frank’s leadership has played an integral role in our success not just as a water, wastewater and stormwater utility but as a community overall. We sincerely appreciate his dedication to making Morgantown a great place to live and work.