Sep 18 2018

MUB chief engineer Doug Smith to head the West Virginia Rural Water Association

On September 11, Morgantown Utility Board Assistant General Manager and Chief Engineer Doug Smith assumed the position of president for the West Virginia Rural Water Association (WVRWA). The appointment comes after Smith served as vice-president for one year and secretary/treasurer for two years, and served as a board member for seven years.

“Being elected president is a terrific honor,” Smith said. “I appreciate the confidence members of the WVRWA board have placed in me and look forward to serving the water and sewer systems in West Virginia.”

WVRWA provides a host of critical services to water and wastewater systems across the state. This includes technical assistance, training programs and advocacy.

“The work of WVRWA directly touches the lives of West Virginians every single day. Every time someone pours a glass of water, bathes, or flushes a toilet, the work of WVRWA is involved,” Smith said. “Whether training water and wastewater staff, responding to the call for help from a local utility, or advocating for the protection of water resources, WVRWA is there.”

Smith holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, is a Registered Professional Engineer, and holds a Master in Business Administration from West Virginia University. During his tenure as president of WVRWA, Smith will continue his normal duties with MUB where he has been employed for more than 30 years.