Mar 23 2018

Remembering George B. Flegal

Every once in a while a person passes from this earth without the true contribution of their life’s work appreciated. For the residents of the Morgantown area that man is George B. Flegal.

A former manager of the Morgantown Water Commission (predecessor to MUB), Mr. Flegal’s leadership and foresight is truly a gift to the Morgantown area. In fact, so monumental was his leadership and vision that every single day, every single Morgantown area resident benefits from his work.

Foremost, it is through Mr. Flegal’s leadership that Morgantown is afforded a secondary water source in the Cobun Creek Reservoir. Constructed in 1950, this water source currently provides 15% of Morgantown’s drinking water and is an essential source used during times of emergency.

What is more, it is due to Mr. Flegal’s vision that the property on which our new reservoir is being constructed was purchased in 1960. He calculated Morgantown’s growth, saw the risk, and took action 58 years ahead of his time.

We wish Mr. Flegal’s family peace during this difficult time and remain grateful for his contributions to the Morgantown area. Every time a member of our community opens a tap and pure, clean water flows, Mr. Flegal’s contributions and legacy lives on.

We remain grateful.

Rest in peace Mr. Flegal.