Jan 19 2018

Spruce Street sinkhole and lane closure - Updated

A large sinkhole has formed on Spruce Street near Forest Avenue. This sinkhole has occurred near a manhole with a cover reading Sanitary Sewer; however, the manhole is in fact NOT a sanitary sewer and instead contains wiring conduits.

Our initial investigation yields that the sinkhole was caused by migration of gravel from the area surrounding the newly installed wiring manhole, with the displaced gravel flowing into our storm line. We are in the process of cleaning, repairing and backfilling the storm line. For public safety reasons, we plan on repairing the sinkhole in Spruce Street while repairing our system. Investigation into the root cause, which allowed entry of the gravel into our storm sewer, continues. 

For public safety reasons, closing one or more lanes on Spruce Street at Forest Avenue will be required. We apologize for the inconvenience but please note that public safety is always our number one priority.

MUB crews have completed work on our storm line and the utility that owns the manhole in question is making repairs.