Dec 07 2018

Upcoming work week: December 10 to December 14

  • Instal sewer service at 484 Blue Horizon Drive
  • Water services Meadow Ponds
  • Replace a valve on Louise Ave
  • Work on meter pits across town and Evansdale that froze meters last year
  • Continue to clean up the Mylan Park RTC sewer job including street repair
  • Dig out for the new Horseshoe Park wet well
  • Work on a sewer extension in Marion Meadow at Canterbury Drive
  • Conduct street repair on college Avenue at Cornell Avenue
  • Conduct street repair at the pawn shop on Brockway Avenue
  • Conduct street repair at 717 Naomi Street
  • Conduct street repair at 273 Dormont Street
  • Clean wet well at Cheat Lake
  • Clean wet well at Dorseys Knob
  • Clean wet well at Scotts Run