Jul 23 2018

Cobun Creek Reservoir (Cobun Creek Road) Burn Notice

The contractor conducting tree removal services for Morgantown Utility Board at the Cobun Creek Reservoir off Cobun Creek Road is scheduled to burn brush at the site on Tuesday, July 24, between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Notice of all burns are posted on MUB’s website in advance of each burn.

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Jul 11 2018

Rating agencies reaffirm Morgantown Utility Board governance and management practices

Standard & Poor provide A+ rating while Moody’s provides A1 rating

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Jun 22 2018

Valley View Avenue road closure

Beginning Monday at 8 a.m., Morgantown Utility Board (MUB) crews will close Valley View Avenue from Willowdale Road to Chateau Royale while MUB crews replace water lines. The work is expected to continue for three weeks.

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Jun 21 2018

MUB sells bonds for water project

On Thursday, June 21, Morgantown Utility Board successfully sold $48 million in bonds in support of the Cobun Creek dam and raw water reservoir project. The sale was executed as expected and budgeted. Work is scheduled to begin in August 2018.

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Jun 04 2018

River Road PSD and County Commission turn to MUB

Both request that MUB acquire River Road PSD

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May 18 2018

Morgantown Utility Board receives dual awards for excellence in wastewater treatment

Both MUB wastewater treatment plants recognized despite ongoing construction

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May 01 2018

MUB begins billing for Morgantown solid waste services

With the start of May, Morgantown Utility Board (MUB) begins billing for solid waste (garbage) services for residential customers residing within City of Morgantown limits.

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Mar 23 2018

Remembering George B. Flegal

Every once in a while a person passes from this earth without the true contribution of their life’s work appreciated. For the residents of the Morgantown area that man is George B. Flegal.

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Mar 22 2018

Raw drone video of the new Cobun Creek Reservoir area

Raw drone video of the new Cobun Creek Reservoir area. A MUB contractor is clearing trees and today (Thur, Mar 22) we open bids for construction. We expect to secure Army Corp of Engineer permits within a few months and begin work midsummer.

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Mar 06 2018

Morgantown Utility Board issues water quality report online

Report contains important information on local water quality

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