Mar 02 2017

Chips Hollow Road to be closed the week of March 6

Morgantown Utility Board contractors replacing the Popenoe Run Interceptor will close the entire length of Chips Hollow Road (from University Avenue to Monongahela Boulevard) between 7 a.m. Monday, March 6 until at least the afternoon of Friday, March 10. 

The closure is necessary so the contractor can lay a 36" sewer pipe and 48" pipe casing beneath the road surface. Understanding the significant depth and width of the trench to be cut across the road surface, backfilling is impractical as is the use of steel plating across the trench.

We apologize for the inconvenience; however, both the replacement of the Popenoe Run Interceptor and the closure of the road is necessary to protecting public health and safety. While we do plan on having the road reopened the evening of Friday, March 10, if additional work becomes necessary we will post the information. Unfortunately, because it is difficult to determine the material through which the contractor will be digging (soil or hard rock) we cannot definitively state that the work will be completed by Friday.