Mar 09 2018

Upcoming work week: March 12 to March 16

  • New main sewer line at Sunshine Gardens
  • New storm and sanitary Standard Street
  • Replace manhole raise-up ring Stewart Street
  • Sewer service at Morgantown Industrial Park
  • Excavate meter pits at Tremont in North Hills since meters froze this winter.
  • Repair leaking valve Darst Street and Mineral Avenue and Hudson Street at Dorsey Avenue
  • Install hydrant valve Globe Street.
  • Follow up on complaint 1073 Canyon Road


  • Storm work on Allen street
  • Storm work on Inglewood Blvd.
  • Repair in front of drop at 6th Street and McLane Avenue
  • Clean 6th Street storm box


  • Park Street
  • Beechurst Avenue
  • Dogwood Avenue outfall
  • Twigg Street
  • Sturgiss Street
  • Cedar Stone
  • Whites Run interceptor
  • Marion Meadows
  • Brockway Avenue
  • Clean splitter box at Greer Building


  • McLane Avenue at 2nd Street
  • Allen Street
  • Inglewood Blvd.
  • 629 Junction Street
  • 2041 University Avenue
  • Raymond Street