Mar 08 2017

Work schedule March 13 to March 17

Service Crews

  • South High and Prairie -  repair hydrant that won’t drain
  • Sunset Beach Rd. 2 12inch bores installing 6 water line
  • Raise manhole Bakers Landing
  • Water services Meadow Ponds

New Construction

  • Night shift 8 pm to 6 am on Van Voorhis Road from Killarny to Wedgewood (single lane traffic during construction hours open before and after) Laying new sewer and water lines.
  • Water main replacement Mulberry

TV work

  • Storm and sanitary work on 3rd Street
  • Storm system investigation on Valley View from Willowdale to Chestnut Ridge

Sewer Cleaning

  • Sturgiss St Outflow
  • Rawley Lane
  • Burroughs Run Interceptor
  • Hartman Run Interceptor
  • Braewick Dr
  • Shaw Place

Street Repair

  •  Van Voorhis Road overnight work

Stream Cleaning

  •  Burroughs stream cleaning from Burroughs Ave to Burroughs lift station.