Mar 16 2017

Work schedule March 20 to March 24

New Construction

  • Laying main line and repairing the street on night shift Van Voorhis
  • Directional drilling a new 8 inch water main replacing the old one on Mulberry from University Ave to Oxford
  • Boring under Sunset Beach Road off of Greystone Drive for new water main extension

Maintenance Crews

  • Installing new water services at Meadow Ponds
  • Retire an old test meter on South Pierpont Road and Dug Hill
  • Installing new sewer service @ 453 Oakland
  • Storm line and drop install on Charleston and on Ross
  • Raise a manhole on Scotts Run Road
  • Water service Indian Creek

Storm Crews

  • Survey the City Paving list to inventory how many manholes and valves will need raised during paving
  • Cleaning Burroughs Run stream form Burroughs Street to the Burroughs Run Lift station
  • Cleaning Storms on Listravia at Dug Hill and Hampton at Desmoines and Morgan Drive

Camera Crew

  • Camera storm lines on Valley View and on Morgan Drive