Mar 02 2017

Work schedule March 6 to March 10

Street Repair

  • Van Voorhis Rd working 8pm-6am night shift

Camera Work

  • TV storm line at South Point Circle
  • TV storm line at Morgan Dr
  • TV storm on 3rd St ¬†from Hall to Beechurst

Main Line Construction

  • Van Voorhis Rd working 8pm-6am night shift
  • ¬†Water renewals on Brady Rd
  • Elmina water renewals and tie-ins

Maintenance Crews

  • Sunset Beach Rd bore job
  • Magmeter at Suncrest Booster
  • New water services at Falling Waters
  • Hydrant repair at South High and Prairie
  • Water service at 7 Briar Patch

Vac Crew

  • Periodic Cleaning: Greer Building Splitter Box, Hartman Run Interceptor, Sabraton Ave
  • Root Removal: WV Ave, Burroughs Run Interceptor, Monongalia Ave, Augusta Ave Outflow

Ditch Crew

  • Inglewood Alley
  • Stream cleaning Burroughs Run @ Van Voorhis and all bridges downstream to the lift station