May 01 2017

Work schedule May 1 to May 5

New Construction

  • Mulberry replacing the old water line from University Ave to Oxford
  • Mon Blvd at the old Shoney’s we will be boring under the road.

Service Crews

  • Installing water services at Cherry Hill Road
  • Installing water services at  Air Port Blvd
  • Installing water services at Meadow Ponds
  • Sink hole on Maxey Street
  • Killing an old water service on Knocking Run Road

Street Repair Crew

  • Dobbs
  • Meadow Ponds

Cleaning Crew

  • Clean wet wells Cheat Lake
  • Clean wet wells Scotts Run area

Storm Crews

  • Cleaning ditch on Wellen
  • Removing a drop to install a grate and change a failed caster at Stewart and Wellen