May 10 2018

Work schedule May 14 to May 18

Street Repair

  • Driveway repair 2299 Meadows Drive
  • Road repair 441 Shawnee St
  • Road repair 42 School Rd
  • Driveway repair 2121 Cheat Road
  • Road repair Tyrone Rd at Imperial View
  • Driveway repair 211 Summerfield Ct
  • Road repair Berkshire Dr

Camera Work

  • TV sanitary at Augusta Ave outfall
  • TV storm culvert at South Hills Dr near Kendall Ridge
  • TV sanitary and storm in Sunnyside area

Main Line Construction

  • Tyrone Road clean up
  • The Gateway - tie-in the new water line for the  Wedgewood doctor office being built beside Burger King
  • 906 Mason Dixon Highway to install new sewer main for the Dollar General store being built
  • Meadow Ponds Dr @ Birdie Ct to lay water line so we can tie into exist line and change customers over to a system with higher pressure  

Maintenance Crews

  • 408 Falling Run Rd. repair broken storm line causing sinkhole
  • 909 Charles Ave in Alley repair broken sanitary service causing sinkhole
  • Falling Waters new sanitary service and raise manhole castor
  • Sunset Beach Rd replace fire hydrant
  • 102 Marco Polo Dr new water service
  • 95 Marion St move meter out

Vac Crew

  • Richard Ave Outfall
  • Baird St Outfall
  • Greer Building - Splitter Box

Root Removal

  • Village Dr Outflow
  • Hill St
  • Augusta Ave Outflow