Sep 07 2017

Work schedule Sept 11 to Sept 15

Water Services

  • The Landing at Falling Waters​
  • Sabraton Ave
  • Gladstone Drive Cheat Lake
  • 7 River Trial
  • Van Voorhis Road
  • Repairing the slot drain in the street at N High and Willey

Street Repair

  • Parkway Drive
  • Dorsey Ave
  • 345 High Street

Water Renewals

  • Western Alley in Westover
  • Install sewer service South Plant Road MIP

Sewer and Storm

  • Main replacement Rawley Ave between Vassar and Riverview
  • Installing flagstone in the ditch at Kiwanis
  • Ditch cleaning at Burke
  • Clean-up at Wayne
  • Tree removal at John Poole Road