To our customers, neighbors and friends:

Even though this report is provided in 2021, it summarizes data collected in calendar year 2020, and to say the least, what a year it was for us all. During 2020 we all faced unique challenges, we struggled, we learned and we adapted. This is certainly true at MUB.

Our public response began in March 2020 when we closed our customer lobby and began implementing technologies to permit work-from-home staff measures. At the time we saw these changes as temporary but they remain in practice to this day.

Of course, not everyone was able to work from home due to their job responsibilities. This includes our Water and Wastewater treatment staff who worked- and continue working- through the pandemic. Despite the threat, these staff ensured that safe, clean drinking water remained available. The Morgantown area is fortunate to have the dedicated professionals of MUB working to ensure that water and wastewater services remain affordable and of extremely high quality. It’s our people that make us an industry leader and an organization for which all of Morgantown can be proud. The entire Morgantown area owes these employees a tremendous amount of gratitude.

Meanwhile, construction of our new 370 million gallon George B. Flegal Raw Water Reservoir remains underway along the pristine upper portion of Cobun Creek. We have also completed construction of the pipeline that will provide gravity fed flows from the new reservoir to our water treatment plant on Don Knotts Boulevard. These things demonstrate our steadfast commitment to our mission of safeguarding public health.

What you will find within the report is that our drinking water not only satisfies all state and federal drinking water standards, but in all cases surpasses those requirements. Our water is of an extremely high quality.

So please take time to review this year’s CCR. In addition to test results and other notices, it contains a host of other information. This includes total water treated during the year 2020, information on our water sources, explanations of likely sources of contamination for various chemicals, and definitions. The report also shows the condition of our raw water, the quality of our treated water, and compares our results against federal and state standards.

If you have questions or comments regarding this report or your water, please feel free to contact Treatment and Production Manager Greg Shellito at 304-225-3659, visit our website at, or follow us on one of our social media sites. In addition, remember that you can tune into MUB board meetings held on the second Tuesday of each month in Morgantown City Hall at 5:30 p.m. These are currently being broadcast online at Please look for our agendas for ways in which you can provide input. Hopefully, we’ll get back to in-person meetings in the near future.

We thank you for continuing to support MUB’s efforts in protecting our water resources and delivering world-class water. Your support makes a tremendous difference.


J.T. Straface, Chairman

Michael McNulty, General Manager