Unregulated Contaminants

Round 4 for the unregulated contaminates monitoring commenced and concluded in 2019. This information can be found at https://mub.org/ccr-ucmr.

Our Water Source

In 2020, MUB produced 3.50 billion gallons of drinking water, an average of 9.571 million gallons per day. The main source of drinking water for the Morgantown area is surface water from the Monongahela River, which supplied 78.9 percent of the area’s drinking water. The remaining 21.1 percent of our raw water supply was taken from the Cobun Creek reservoir.

To ensure a safe and acceptable product to our customers, MUB constantly monitors our two sources of raw water. The average results of these analyses are shown in the chart to the right. Results for special monitoring related to nearby gas wells are available at on MUB’s website by visiting https://mub.org - then Services - then under Water Resource Protection or by visiting https://mub.org/mip.

MUB works through various water industry associations and watershed groups to promote best management practices, to support important programs and improvements to protect the water environment, and to contribute to improved policy making and regulation affecting our water quality.

Source Water Assessment

During 2020 MUB continued its efforts to protect our source water. Progress was made to continue upstream water monitoring, for the installation of a continuous upstream monitoring station, and development of a more accurate water model to predict flow rates and time of travel in the Monongahela River. During 2020 the source water protection plan was updated . A public version is available at https://mub.org/swpp.

MUB Board of Directors and General Manager

Information on MUB’s board of diretors and leadership team is available by visiting https://mub.org/about/leadership.