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August 31st, 2021

MUB preparing for remnants of Hurricane Ida

Given the threat posed by the remnants of Hurricane Ida, Morgantown Utility Board is taking a number of typical steps to help protect the public from the impending storm.

“Over the past couple of days, we’ve undertaken our normal storm pre-check procedures. This includes ensuring that areas under bridges are clear and that manholes, storm drops and culverts are functioning properly,” said Chris Dale, Director of Communications. “We’ve also prepositioned a backhoe so that if debris does collect under a bridge or in a particular area, we can more quickly remove it.”

In addition to typical inspections and cleaning, new riprap has been installed along Burroughs Run and debris has been removed to ensure that it can manage flows at full capacity. Also, MUB crews are filling sandbags and positioning them in areas prone to flooding.

According to Dale, MUB is placing additional crews on-call beginning Tuesday night and into Thursday.

“We’re staffing up for the event. We have extra staff on-call to help answer phones, to respond to emergencies, and to conduct continuous patrols across our stormwater area, with focus on those areas that have flooded in the past.” “We’ve also communicated with local emergency management and will continue doing so,” he said.

While MUB is doing all it can to prepare for this rain event, Dale says that customers should also take precautions.

“It’s important that people inspect their gutters and downspouts. That may sound simple but too often we respond to a home that’s experienced basement flooding only to find that the cause is due to clogged drains, gutters and downspouts,” he said. “Preparedness is everyone’s responsibility.”

Dale adds that during this event, residents should pay attention to their surroundings.

“Know where you live and the vulnerabilities of the area. Exercise situational awareness in terms of are you in a flood plain and the distance of your home from areas prone to flooding. Have emergency contact numbers handy, review safety materials provided by agencies such the American Red Cross and monitor local emergency channels and social media platforms,” Dale said. “We’re ready for this storm and our system is as prepared as possible. However, as we’ve seen in the past, rain events of exceptional volume will result in flooding.”

Morgantown is under a Flash Flood watch from 2:00 am Wednesday to 2:00 am Thursday.