News & Announcements

May 13th, 2022

Upcoming Workweek 5-16-22 to 5-20-22

Street Repair

  • Road and sidewalk repair College Avenue at Cornell Avenue
  • Road repair 30 Beulah Road
  • Road repair 100 – 102 Stonehurst Drive
  • Road repair W. 2nd Street in Westover

Hydrant Flushing

  • Hydrant flushing is completed for May

Main Line Construction.

  • AW-2790 Lane Street water line replacement
  • CS-223 Foxtown Drive (Glenmark Center) sewer line extension (night shift)

Maintenance Crews

New water services Bowers Lane

Curb box dig-up at 155 Highland Avenue

New water service Hawkins Run

500 Pearl Avenue

Vac Crew

Lift station cleaning:
  • Burroughs Run
  • Rifle Club Road
  • Dog Pound

Camera Crew

Video inspections :
  • Simpson Street
  • North Street

Ditch crew

  • Drop, culvert, & ditch cleaning
  • Storm Upgrade from Forest to Baird Street