May 30th, 2019

​Upcoming Workweek 6-03-19 to 6-07-19

Street Repair

  • Wilson Ave road repair
  • 83 Mason St road repair
  • 154 Highland Ave road repair
  • 341 Rotary St road repair

Main Line Construction

  • Relocate water line on Kingwood St from Penn. Ave across Brockway (directional drilling) to the other side of Kingwood St
  • Relocate water line on South Dents Run Road
  • Install new sewer main on Shaffer Lane

Maintenance Crews

  1. Seal the old interceptor line between the PRT and the Erickson Alumni Center
  2. Repair sewer service at 125 Granville Square
  3. Fix leak on Harvard Ave
  4. Fix leak on Sunset Beach Road
  5. New water services at 3352 Earl L Core Road, 1113 Bakers St, 140 Gladstone Circle