March 24th, 2020

Construction at the Star City Wastewater Treatment Plant

Following the emergency proclamations by West Virginia and neighboring governors, the onsite workforce of MUB’s contractor Ulliman Schutte has been reduced at our Star City Wastewater Treatment plant. However, the critical nature of the work requires that project construction continue, as allowed by the emergency proclamations.

Ulliman Schutte has submitted a detailed work plan to safeguard the health of on-site workers. This plan includes actions for maintaining proper sanitary conditions, staff distancing, material delivery, guidelines for disinfecting equipment, and other health related protocols.

Should a temporary work stoppage become necessary, MUB is prepared to facilitate an orderly shutdown of the construction. An orderly shutdown may not be immediately achievable, and we are currently evaluating the necessary tasks and time to achieve that as quickly as possible. In any case, the wastewater treatment plant remains operational and current treatment processes will continue.

MUB will continue monitoring the ever changing situation. Our focus remains on the wellbeing of our workers and on our mission of protecting the health of our community.