Be the solution to water pollution!

How to spot water pollution and when to contact MUB

YOU play a critical role in keeping our water clean and safe! If you see something, call 304-292-8443 (304-296-4322 after hours) or email

Something just doesn’t smell right

Unusual odors can be a sign that something is not right. If you smell something completely out of place, let MUB know!

The quality of your water changes
If you notice a change in water quality in your home or place of business, give MUB a call! We want to know about it!

You notice something odd near a stream or storm sewer
Perhaps you see an oil or paint stain near a waterway or storm sewer. This could be the result of someone illegally dumping substances. When you see this, notify MUB immediately!

You notice large amounts of trash or an unusual item in a waterway
Large amounts of trash can indicate illegal dumping as can seeing unusual items such as washing machines or used vehicle tires in waterways. If you see this, let MUB know!

You notice a sheen on the water
Because oils and other substances float on the surface of water, they will often appear as sheens. While these can sometimes be produced naturally, a large sheen on the water may indicate a pollution issue. Give MUB a call!

The water appears unusually cloudy or discolored
If you notice a strange tint to the water or the water appears unusually cloudy, let MUB know!

You spot a direct, unusual or out of place discharge
You’re walking down the trail and notice a discharge coming from a pipe on a clear day without precipitation. You say to yourself, that doesn’t appear right. What should you do? Give MUB a call!

You see someone dumping something into a storm sewer or natural water source
No one should be dumping any item directly into our storm sewers or waterways. If you see someone doing this, let MUB know!

Remember, if you see something, call 304-292-8443 (304-296-4322 after hours) or email

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