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Bid Due Date: Thursday May 5, 2016 (3:00 am)

Apparent Low Bid: Anderson Excavating

Bid Amount: $601,765.00

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Awarded: Yes

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The project is located in Morgantown, Monongalia County, West Virginia. The project is to extend sanitary sewer service to The Cheat Cove Subdivision located off of Old Cheat Road. The project will begin at the existing sanitary sewer system located on Easton Mill Road (Rt.119/32) and progress northeasterly crossing Cheat Road (Rt. 857) and follow Old Cheat Road (Rt. 73/12) for approximately 0.4 miles.

The work includes construction of: +/-2,582 lf of 12” PVC gravity sanitary sewer main; +/-623 Lf of 8” PVC gravity sewer main; +/-405 Lf of 24” steel casing installed by bore and jack method; 30 precast concrete manholes, 1 single sewer service connection with cleanout, and 24 double sewer service connections with cleanouts.

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