Billing & Account Services

How can I pay my bill?

When is your office open?

What is the utility’s billing cycle?

Can accounts be prepaid?

What is the base charge for an average household?

What is the average usage per person?

How can I find my account number?

Why am I required to be at the residence for a meter to be set?

If we’re away for an extended time, can our bill be sent to an alternate address?

What are the phone numbers of other utilities in our area?


What happens when it rains?

What are we required to do with the stormwater?

What are the benefits of stormwater management?

What is the fee for stormwater management and why?

Water Treatment

Where does Morgantown's water come from?

How 'hard' is Morgantown's water?

How much water does MUB treat per day?

What is Backflow?

Is MUB water fluoridated and why?

Solid Waste (Garbage)

Was the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and Ordinances approved and if so, when will MUB billing begin?

What are the roles and responsibilities in the agreement?

How will this impact MUB’s water, stormwater and wastewater service?

How much will solid waste (garbage) service cost?

How will billing work?

Are there benefits to MUB providing billing services as compared to the City?

Who do I contact if I have a customer service issue in relation the solid waste services?