• Management and Administration

    MUB maintains a highly skilled and experienced management team. The team oversees all MUB activities, ensures compliance with local, state and federal guidelines, develops and manages the organization’s annual budget and financial resources, and works to ensure MUB maintains the functional and operational capacities to meet the ever growing infrastructure needs of the area.

  • Distribution and Collection

    MUB’s distribution staff maintain vehicles and equipment, repair water and sewer lines and directly resolve customer issues. This is MUB’s largest department, comprised of 65 staff responsible for maintaining thousands of miles of operational components 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Plants

    Located along Don Knotts Boulevard, MUB’s state-of-the-art water treatment plant monitors, cleans and provides local residents with 10.5 million gallons of clean water each day. The site also includes a high-tech water monitoring system along with two labs in which water is continuously tested to ensure federal and state standards are met. MUB also manages two wastewater treatment plants: One in Star City and the other in Cheat Lake. These plants are charged with cleaning all waste water generated by customers and returning the water to the river in accordance with state and federal standards. Please note: The plant is currently undergoing a significant upgrade. To provide information on this upgrade, we offer a Question and Answer page located at mub.org/starcity. If you have additional questions please contact Chris Dale via email at cdale@mub.org.

  • Engineering

    MUB is fortunate to have an in-house engineering staff that can do everything from design and repair systems, solve complex issues, engage contractors, protect water resources, and provide customers professional advice. This keeps costs down and provides the community with a significant knowledge base.

  • Customer Service and Financial Management

    Customer service representatives manage more than 500 inquiries a day, assist clients with resolving issues, receive and process payments, and help spot customer service related trends and communications needs. The accounting function submits and processes approximately 12,500 invoices every month and manages a quarter billion dollars in assets.

  • Human Resources

    Human resources assists with the hiring, retention, and training of MUB staff. Human resources posts job openings, ensures staff receive relevant safety information, and manages MUB’s benefits program as well as all human resource management software.

  • Communications and Outreach

    MUB’s communication staff maintains the official organizational website, issues traffic alerts, manages media and information requests, responds to customer inquires via email, conducts outreach activities, develops a host of monthly and annual electronic and print documents, writes stories and media releases, assists with facility tours, takes photographs, and provides a wide range of other services.

  • Stormwater

    MUB manages stormwater flows for the City of Morgantown and occasionally the surrounding area when expertise is required. The storm sewer system includes 105 miles of storm pipe of varying sizes and shapes, and nearly 4000 inlets. It also includes an undetermined number and length of ditches and streams which combine with the hard infrastructure to provide a complete storm network.

    Exactly how stormwater is managed depends on the location of the stormwater drain. While some stormwater flows to our Star City Wastewater Treatment Plant, other stormwater flows directly to the Monongahela River or local streams. Because of this MUB staff engage in various outreach and educational activities throughout the year. For a list of events please visit here. If you would like a presentation on stormwater (or anything related to MUB) please email Chris Dale at cdale@mub.org or give him a call at 304.225.3658.

    To see how stormwater impacts you and what you can do to impact stormwater, please visit our stormwater page by clicking here.. These page contains a variety of information and links to stormwater related resources. If you have questions give us a call at 304.292.8443, email us at stormwater@mub.org, of check out our stormwater FAQ. And be sure to to take our stormwater survey by clicking here!