Understanding that water service is a vital part of maintaining sanitary conditions, and given the financial uncertainty of the ever evolving Coronavirus pandemic, Morgantown Utility Board is making four policy changes. These changes are to help protect the health and welfare of our community and staff, including...

  • Closure of customer lobby: MUB’s customer lobby will remain closed indefinitely
  • A moratorium on service disconnections (water shutoff): MUB will discontinue all water shutoffs
  • Service reconnections: MUB will reconnect all customers who experienced a disconnection due to late payments without charge
  • A moratorium on late fees: Late fees will not be applied to customer accounts

To assist customers in understanding and taking advantage of these policy changes, we offer the following Questions and Answers.

Does this mean that MUB will stop billing customers?
No, we will continue billing customers as normal. What we will not do is send termination notices.

Does this policy mean that I don't have to pay my MUB bill?
No. You remain responsible for your MUB bill. We remain reliant on customer revenue to continue this program.

What if I'm unable to pay my MUB bill?
Call MUB and let us know as soon as possible. While we will not disconnect service we can begin planning for when this moratorium expires.

If I do not pay my regularly scheduled MUB bill, am I ultimately responsible for paying for it?
Yes. However, we will work with you in deferring past due amounts.

Are there late fees associated with not paying my MUB bill during the moratorium?
No. We will not apply late fees or reconnect fees.

When will the moratorium end?
Given the fluid and unprecedented nature of this event, we have not established an end date. When we do, will provide ample notice to our customers to begin the transition back to normal operations.

If I owe MUB money from past bills, will MUB still turn on my water?
Yes. Our response to this event is based solely on public health

If MUB does reconnect my service, what happens after the moratorium?
We will work with customers to defer outstanding amounts across a payment program. For some people this is a sort of amnesty from having to pay reconnect or late fees. It essentially provides a reset on some customer accounts.

Are interest fees applied to late accounts?

Are there other things MUB is doing to ensure a reliable water supply?
Yes, we are taking a number of internal actions based upon the idea of social distancing. This includes mandating that certain staff work from home, cancelling face-to-face meetings, and limiting staff in-person interactions. Routine customer interactions, such as applying for service, or discussion of service issues, will be conducted by phone, mail, or email during this period.

Can the Coronavirus contaminate our water?
No. The treatment and disinfection processes used at our state-of-the-art water treatment facility are fully effective, so that such contamination is not a threat. See these links from the EPA and WHO:

Is it advisable to purchase bottled water?
Having bottled water on hand is a normal part of emergency preparedness, so we do encourage people to include bottled water as part of normal response planning. But we are taking appropriate measures to ensure that service will continue uninterrupted.

What is the best way to get MUB related information?
Get the latest information on MUB activities by visiting mub.org, following us on Facebook (@MorgantownUtilityBoard) and Twitter (@MUBWater).

Where can I get additional information?