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Thank you for your interest in joining the MUB team. We firmly believe that world-class services demand a world-class staff and work toward making MUB a dynamic, career-oriented place to work. This includes training, accreditations, continuing education, opportunity for growth, and more.

Below is a list of the awesome benefits offered to our staff. When ready to apply, simply click the "Apply Now" buttons at the top and bottom of this page.

Our benefits

Time Off

  • Sick Leave
    • On January 1 of each year, each regular employee is granted twelve (12) days sick leave with pay. Sick leave can be used for personal illnesses, to care for an ill member of an employee’s immediate family, or for doctor appointments for the employee or a family member. Employees may carry a maximum limit of 1,350 hours of sick time for employees working 7.5 hour days or 1,440 hours for employees working 8 hours per day.
  • Vacation Time
    • On January 1 of each year, employees is awarded vacation time based upon continuous service with MUB. Staff can carry-over a maximum of 10 vacation days a year. Vacation time per service with MUB is as follows:
      • 3 mo - 2 yrs = 2 weeks
      • 3 – 6 yrs = 3 weeks
      • 7 – 12 yrs = 4 weeks
      • 13 -19 yrs = 5 weeks
      • 20+ yrs = 6 weeks
  • Holidays
    • MUB staff are awarded 12 holidays per year.


  • Medical Insurance - PEIA
    • Base Package; non-smoker
      • Single: Free
      • Employee/Child $51.00/Pay
      • Family $68.25/Pay
  • Dental Insurance - Guardian
      • Single $1.17/Pay
      • Family $19.01/Pay
  • Vision Insurance - Guardian
      • Single $0.21/Pay
      • Family $2.89/Pay
  • Flex Account - Mountaineer Flexible Spending
    • You can start a flex account for out-of-pocket medical/dental/eye expenses. The amount you determine will be taken out of your pay pre-tax. This will save on the amount of federal and state taxes you pay on your earnings.
  • Short Term Disability Insurance - Guardian
    • Short Term Disability Insurance is available. Employees pay the total cost and the cost is based upon your annual salary and your age.
  • Long Term Disability Insurance - Guardian
    • MUB pays for Long Term Disability Insurance (no cost to the employee). If you have an illness or injury that you not able to work for more than 180 days, you will be eligible for this benefit. The benefits are based on your annual wages.
  • Life Insurance
    • MUB pays the premium for the first $10,000 of coverage through Guardian. You may elect coverage up to your annual salary at the cost of $.19 per thousand plus .35 per month and additional coverage for you and your family.
    • MUB also pays $10,000 through PEIA.
  • Accidental Life Insurance - Hartford
    • This policy will provide benefits in the amount of $50,000 for accidental death at the cost of $2.85 per month.


  • Pension Fund
    • All employees are immediately eligible for participation in the fund and shall contribute 6% of your salary to the fund. Employees become vested in the pension fund after 10-years following the start date of employment

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