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April 6th, 2023

Statement on the fire at the Star City Wastewater Treatment Plant

A fire occurred this afternoon just before 12:25 p.m. in a blower at our Star City Wastewater Treatment Plant. MECCA 9-1-1 was alerted, emergency personnel deployed to the scene and the fire was immediately extinguished. There are no injuries.

MUB staff were alerted to the fire when an alarm sounded. Our staff immediately responded with fire extinguishers, turned off power to the blower and alerted 9-1-1. The staff continued fighting the fire to ensure it did not spread until professional firefighters arrived. The fire was out within 30 minutes of its start.

The fire occurred in a blower that is one of three that provides oxygen to our activated sludge. The other blowers remain in operation and our plant remains functional. The blower is the only equipment damaged.

We are grateful for the rapid action and professionalism of our staff in responding to the event. We also thank Mon EMS and the fire departments of Morgantown, Star City, Westover, Granville, and Cassville for their rapid response.