March 16th, 2020

MUB ensuring availability of water service for all customers

Given the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Morgantown Utility Board is working to restore service to those customers whose water had been previously disconnected due to nonpayment.

“While the termination of water service is never easy and comes only after weeks of multiple notifications, during an event such as this, we believe that service terminations are entirely inappropriate. Not only is water integral to our wellbeing but maintaining sanitary conditions without it is difficult at best,” said MUB Director of Communications Chris Dale.

For this reason, MUB staff are scheduling reconnections to its water service.

“Our mission is the protection of public health. At no time is that mission more critical to the wellbeing of our community than right now. This is especially true when you consider that those who have experienced a water disconnection are often the most disadvantaged and vulnerable among us,” he said.

MUB is currently reaching out to those who will be a part of the program to schedule reconnection. Customers who have had water service disconnected can also contact MUB at (304) 292-8443. It is important that direct contact with customers be made because MUB staff cannot turn on the water without someone being home.

“Requiring a resident be present when water service is turned on is a normal practice. This ensures that a residence isn’t flooded by a faucet that was left on or a broken pipe. We cannot restore water service without someone being present inside the house,” said Dale.

As stated in a previous release, MUB has placed a moratorium on water service disconnections during the pandemic. However, Dale says that he hopes those whose water service has been disconnected, and those behind in their bills, work with MUB in finding a solution.

“As we go about reconnecting delinquent accounts, it’s critical that customers who are a part of this program contact us in the near future to discuss payment options,” Dale said. “The last thing we want to do is reconnect service now and then when the Coronavirus threat subsides, have to revisit the residence to disconnect it. That’s not something we ever want to do and will work with customers to avoid. This is not debt forgiveness but it is an opportunity to get back on track.”

But Dale adds that’s a conversation for another time.

“Right now we’re focused on public health. We just want to get the water on,” he said.