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January 24th, 2020

Update on pipeline construction in the First Ward area

MUB’s contractor, D&M Contracting, currently has two crews working in the area of White Park. One crew is currently installing pipeline from the direction of the reservoir toward Mississippi Street. To date, the contractor has installed approximately 340 feet of 30-inch pipeline.

We expect the tie-in with the previously installed pipeline paralleling Mississippi Street to be made next week, weather dependent. Upon completion of this portion of pipeline, the crew will begin restoration work such as grading and restoring disturbed areas of trails, among other things. This is expected to be completed within two weeks, again, depending on weather.

Another crew plans to begin pipeline construction next week upon the removal of trees near Don Knotts Blvd. This crew will begin installing pipeline from Don Knotts Blvd toward the reservoir.

An arborist continues monitoring the work while a senior scientist from Triad Engineering is conducting soil sampling and air quality testing. Additionally, the City of Morgantown has contracted with Triad Engineering to monitor the work.