February 4th, 2021

HomeServe to offer MUB customers service line and other warranties

Morgantown Utility Board is partnering with HomeServe to offer customers warranties on their home water and sanitary sewer service lines and even interior plumbing.

According to MUB Director of Communications Chris Dale, the warranties can help protect customers from thousands of dollars in repair costs should a break in a service line occur.

“MUB’s responsibility for repairs ends at the water meter and where the home’s sewer lateral connects to the main. This means that if a water or sewer line breaks between that point and the house, the resident can be responsible for completing all repairs. Because these lines are often buried multiple feet in the ground, it’s not uncommon for these repairs to cost thousands of dollars,” Dale said.

Dale adds that everything from customer enrollment to the management of claims is 100 percent administered by HomeServe, with MUB receiving a portion of policy fees.

“The exciting thing for MUB is that 10% of every policy premium will go toward the soon to be launched watershed protection program, a first of its kind in West Virginia,” Dale said. “This means that customers not only benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that major repairs are covered but that they are helping to safeguard our raw water resources.”

Over the next week, HomeServe will begin reaching out to MUB customers with information on their warranty programs. Customers with questions should visit

“While the goal right now is to make our customers aware of the HomeServe mailings, I should add that in March we expect to launch our watershed protection program. In the meantime, please take a look at HomeServe’s warranties. Every dime MUB receives from it will go a long way to protecting water quality for generations to come,” Dale added.