June 2nd, 2023

Upcoming Workweek 6-05-23 to 6-09-23

Hydrant flushing

  • Hydrant maintenance and painting in River Road area

Street Repair

  • North Street in Westover
  • Sidewalk Repair 11 West Park Street
  • Road Repair 48 Gans Street
  • 210 Dolly Lane road repair

Main Line Construction

  • Water line Relocation around North Elementary (AW-2843)
  • Water line replacement Oakland Ave and Harding Ave (AW-2789)

Maintenance Crews

  • Manhole repair Tyrone Avery Road
  • Fire hydrant replacement on Greenbag Road near Home Warehouse
  • New water services Hewstone Court
  • New water and sewer services 17th Fairway Court
  • FOUC 924 Willey Street

Vac Crew

Clean lift stations at...

  • MIP
  • Richwood Avenue
  • Dog Pound

Clean lines on...

  • Brockway Ave.
  • S. High Street
  • Vo-Tech Drive

Camera Crew

TV lines along...

  • Whites Run Court
  • Dorsey Ave.
  • Richard Ave.

Ditch Crew

  • Drops, grates & culvert cleaning
  • City Paving