In 2013 an extensive monitoring program was initiated at the Morgantown Industrial Park (MIP) to identify possible impacts resulting from the gas well operations at MIP. Data from this focused monitoring is gather from these sites:.

  • Mon River at Uffington Marina
  • Mon River along its west bank at MIP
  • Mon River along its east bank at Water Treatment Plant Intake – this site was added to better discern any differences in characteristics across the width of the river.
  • Sed Trap #1 - at the well site, downstream of the well pad
  • Sed Trap #2 - at the well site, downstream of the well pad
  • Access Road Sed Trap - at the entrance of the access road to the well site – this site was terminated after July 6 as it was determined that the Sed Trap #1 and #2 locations were adequately represented.

Please note that ND indicates NONDETECTABLE, meaning that a sample was taken, and the results were so small that they fall below the detection limit of the analytical procedure.

The data on this monitoring program is avaiable here.

It is important to note that in addition to MIP, numerous water quality samples are analyzed in the normal course of operations. For those, please refer to our Consumer Confidence Report.

If you have question regarding this program please notify Chris Dale at