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Bid Due Date: Friday April 16, 2021 (3:00 pm)

Apparent Low Bid: Anderson Excavating ~ Morgantown, WV

Bid Amount: $ 81,551.24

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Awarded: Yes

Project Description:

The project is located within Monongalia County, WV and includes the following Steel Water Tanks:

Union Water Tanks #2 & #3: Demolition and Removal of two (2) 100,000 gallon Water Tanks (each tank is 24’ tall by 27’ diameter)

  • Location of Union Water Tanks #2 & #3 is on WV County Route 75 (Tyrone Road) +/-225’ west of Melvin Fields Road.
  • Approximate Latitude and Longitude: 39°38’09” N79°51’47” W

Wiles Hill Tank #1: Demolition and Removal of one (1) 400,000 gallon Water Tank (23’ tall by 54’ diameter)

  • Location of the Wiles Hill Tank #1 is +/-530’ southwest of the intersection of US Route 119 (North Willey Street) and Roosevelt Street.
  • Approximate Latitude and Longitude: 39°38’11” N79°56’36” W

New Hill Elevated Tank: Demolition and Removal of one (1) 50,000 gallon elevated Water Tank (60’ tall by 22’ diameter)

  • Location of the New Hill Tank is at the intersection of Yew Street and Sassafras Street. (This tank is located within the New Hill Community).
  • Approximate Latitude and Longitude: 39°39’04” N80°04’07” W

Digital Plans can be obtained free of charge by contacting Tammi Kennedy at or 304-292-8445 or Project Engineer, Joe McDonald.

Project related questions can be directed to Joe McDonald at or 304-292-8443.

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Project Engineer: Joe McDonald

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