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Bid Due Date: Thursday June 14, 2012 (3:00 am)

Apparent Low Bid: DT Construction Inc

Bid Amount: $1,417,329.00

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Awarded: Yes

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Forty-seven residents living in the Quarry Run Road area and the Whispering Woods subdivision have long endured a combination of poor water quality and poor water volume. Each resident receives water from individually owned wells that have been contaminated by abandoned mine drainage. The issue has become so pervasive that residents are forced to purchase water from external sources such as water delivery trucks and or through other sources such as grocers. The situation not only imposes a significant inconvenience and cost to the residents but a serious health hazard to the forty-seven families affected.

This project will provide those affected with a supply of safe, clean, potable water and eliminate the significant health hazards imposed by leakage from the abandoned mine.

Mandatory Pre-Bid: Monday December 3, 2018 (12:00 am)

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