Be the solution to stormwater pollution!

MUB manages stormwater flows for the City of Morgantown and occasionally the surrounding area when expertise is required (see a Google map approximating our stormwater area here!). Exactly how stormwater is managed depends on the location of the stormwater drain. While some stormwater flows to our Star City Wastewater Treatment Plant, other stormwater flows directly to the Monongahela River or local streams. Because of this MUB staff engage in various outreach and educational activities throughout the year. For a list of events please visit here. If you would like a presentation on stormwater (or anything related to MUB) please email Chris Dale at or give him a call at 304.225.3658.

To see how stormwater impacts you and what you can do to impact stormwater, we offer the below links. These pages contain a variety of information and links to stormwater related resources. If you have questions give us a call at (304) 292-8443, email us at, of check out our stormwater FAQ. And be sure to to take our stormwater survey by clicking here!

Be the solution to water pollution!

Begin by reviewing these tips on how to spot water pollution and when to contact MUB! Remember, if you see something, call (304) 292-8443 or email

Stormwater information for the general public

Stormwater information for businesses

Engineers, Contractors and Developers

For MUB's stormwater permit as well as DEP and EPA information, please follow the links below...

If you have questions or need further assistance please let us know by emailing or by calling Ken Hacker at 304.292.8443.

Combined Sewer Overflows

All Morgantown residents should familiarize themselves with our combined sewer system. To learn more please follow this link.