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October 22nd, 2020

MUB assisting customers with applying for CARES Act funding

Customers encouraged to apply immediately upon receiving packets from MUB

Earlier this month, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced the availability of CARES Act funding to assist with delinquent residential utility accounts. In response, MUB is mailing application packets to nearly 1,700 customers that may qualify. It is important that customers read the packets thoroughly and respond by the deadline.

According to MUB Director of Communications Chris Dale, there are two primary rules from the Governor’s office that determine eligibility.

“Foremost, the delinquency must be due to COVID-19 such as loss of job, reduction in hours worked, or illness. Also, the program only applies to bills issued between March 1, 2020 and July 31, 2020,” Dale said. “The packets we are mailing include amounts for which each customer may be eligible for CARES Act funding."

For residential customers meeting the above criteria, other important policies from the Governor’s office apply.

“It’s important to understand that this program only covers amounts due within the timeframe of March 1 to July 31. Bills accrued outside this period are ineligible and remain due,” Dale said. “Unfortunately, amounts that have been paid toward bills that occurred between the timeframe of March 1 to July 31 are ineligible. CARES Act funding does not provide for reimbursements.”

Because funding is awarded on a first-come first-served basis, it is important that customers apply as soon as possible.

“Customers should not delay in applying for these funds. As we receive applications, we will immediately forward those that are complete to the state for review. In the meantime, we will suspend any action on amounts owed that fall within the eligible timeframe. Once payment is received we will notify the customer and apply the funds to their account. If the application is not approved, we will notify the customer and work with them in meeting the outstanding balance, even if it requires arranging a deferred payment plan,” Dale said.

The most critical thing customers should keep in mind is the deadline of November 12, 2020.

“Customers must absolutely ensure that applications are received by MUB no later than 4:30 p.m. on November 12. This is the last point at which the state will accept applications so there is no way we can extend the deadline. Customers can mail their applications or use the drop box located in our office parking area, the critical thing is that the application must be received in our office by 4:30 p.m. on November 12,” he said.

Customers who believe they qualify but do not receive an application packet by Friday, October 23, should contact MUB at (304) 292-8443, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Information on MUB’s COVID-19 billing policies, including the deferred payment policy, can be found at