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June 22nd, 2022

​Fire Hydrant Flushing – South Park Area

In coordination with the Morgantown Fire Department, Morgantown Utility Board is conducting fire hydrant flow testing in your neighborhood. These tests may cause temporary decreases in water pressure and/or water discoloration. Water pressure should return to normal after flushing has occurred. If it does not, please check other taps in your home to ensure that debris is not lodged in a faucet.

If you experience discolored water, please run your cold water tap for a few minutes until the water is clear. If it is not clear after the first try, wait a few minutes and repeat this process. If discoloration continues after a few attempts of allowing your water to flow, or if water pressure issues persist, please contact us at (304) 292-8443 or via email at Additional information is available at